Breaking: Regina Daniels Welcomes a Bouncing Baby

The popular 20 years old actress knowing for the exquisite actions in the Nollywood. Who later got married to the 65 year old politician in the person of Sen. Ned Nwoko. Has publicly announced her safe delivery of a Bouncing Baby boy in the earlier hours of this morning.

This was few days after the Actress threw a baby shower party without following the guidelines of the Nigerian authorities. The Instagram community has however showed disdain to such an act while they make comparison to the award winning “jenifa” Funke akindele who was punished for throwing a party.

Her Brother shared this Exciting news on his Instagram page Earlier this afternoon. Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ to the Nwoko’s on this Feat!!!!!!!!

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Just In; Tacha Revisits Dubai Amidst Birthday Celebration.

The popular CEO of the NLNT brand shared some recent video on her Instagram page over the birthday celebration of a Dubai Mogul sojarextmt. Which she captioned we have to revisit Dubai again ooo.

The NLNT CEO has however been showing life of Luxuries in her recent photo following the quick Sold out action her fans “Titans πŸ”±πŸ”±πŸ”±” released shortly after she posted her new merchandise.

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Mercy Eke; New ambassador to ivielux

The BBNAIJA star posted earlier on her Instagram page few minutes ago to announce to her fans about the new merchandise in town. Following the earlier launching of the “mercenaries Choice Awards” she promised that it would be fun filled from games to giveaways and lot more. Venue: on the streets of Twitter. Date; 30th of June. Time; 12am – late.

This is what she has to say about the new merchandise in town. “Never leave home without it”

Following the “I pinπŸ“Œ” Queen can the mecenaries pull out the force of Sold out to their favorite? Remember more sales more endorsement. Ambassador of ivieluxπŸ›‘οΈπŸ›‘οΈπŸ›‘οΈ

Omashola expose relationship status between Mercy and Tacha at HIPTv Interview section.

Popular BBNAIJA omashola popularly known as “warri” was live at the HIPTv interview session where he was asked some questions including how he coped after the BBNAIJA house and how the related with the housemates after the house.

Following the “chiwawa” saga at the Big brother house and the rising conflict between he and Mercy Eke the Big brother winner at the reunion show which led to Mercy giving him a slap. The interviewer asked how their relationship is going. We are fine and infact I’m cool with all the housemates he replied. Tacha is a nice person he said. Even Mercy is good.

He went on further pressing that unlike the social media saga cum between the Titans and mercenaries, Mercy Eke and Tacha talks often on phone and that he was surprised knowing that.

After the house the person also who has been helpful to me is Tianah. You all know I’m a fashion person and after I left the house I heard about how she has been keeping me in the house with her hard earned money. I style for her and I may consider making my own designs later. But for now I will consider just wearing it than designing.

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I’m Black 🌚- A typographical journey from the subways of New York to the streets of London.A typographical journey from the subways of New York to the streets of London.

I’m Black – A typographical journey from the subways of New York to the streets of London.

One could begin with the aubergine purple wrapper which the night tale dancers tied around their cowry adorned waist, one could even start with the sideways where orange bobbed head lizard and green bellied flies hummed on rotten mangoes but Doyin didn’t notice this as she was so thrilled on travelling around the streets of London. She has just being admitted to University of London, the thought of how she would slay on campus ran through her mind. She’d be leaving for Lagos tomorrow to visit her uncle and then leave for the airport, Murtala Muhammad Airport was the only international airport in Nigeria. Doyin who had never visited Lagos before, but always read on the popular This Day newspaper and current affairs about the renowed airport. She decided to take a walk around the village and then bid her friends good-bye, amongst her clique she was the “London-lucky” personality, although Chika and Aminat gained admission to the university of Nigeria. Chika and Aminat after a long chit-chat cried as Doyin left their homes. Doyin was kind of sceptical about leaving her friends and going to a new world with people of different culture and lifestyle, how am I supposed to cope ‘she soliloquies’, bumping into her fromer class teacher, still in shock, Mr Ade is that you ‘she muttered’. Congratulations my dear, we heard the news of your recent achievement and we look forward to acquiring more knowledge about the Western culture on your return ‘ Mr Ade replied’. Sir, you know what, I feel privileged to have been under your tutelage, this she said as she hurriedly rushed home. You know the naive African man can be funny a times, going to London means a lot to them especially when it is for the purpose of acquiring tetiary education, then your teacher out of the blues become your student and even the so-called haters want to be your friend. Iya Doyin had already packed the luggage including some food stuffs which Doyin will survive on, she even packed yards of the popular Adire as she had that the temperature over there is so low. On getting home like the unusual, Doyin was served like a queen with meat swimming in the soup like what I can’t even describe. This love could be traced to the exuberance of her mother’s mood about the trip. The bed was already arranged by her siblings, everyone was just trying to get her attention. The neighbors, as at about 11 pm brought fried fish and bush meat, while the popular palm wine tapper brought fresh palm wine. Infact, His majesty and his cabinet deliver basket full of beads and cowries. Doyin felt indeed like a queen, the more she thought of slaying the beads and cowries the more she couldn’t stop aiming at not disappointing herself and family. She felt like she was going to represent the village at London. Off she went to her neatly dressed bed trying to get sleep but she couldn’t, the more she tried the less rest her mind gave. The thought of tommorow trip always ran through her mind, she couldn’t get over it. I only feel like this if we have academic competition with schools of neighboring village, but at least I remembered sleeping around 2:00 am but it is now 4:30 am and the thought of sleeping anytime soon is so blurry. Time past and Doyin is still awake by 5:30 am, at this time the cock crew and most people got up to prepare for their daily activities but Doyin is feeling sleepy now. She wouldn’t want to make her family and neighbors talk less of her. Immediately, she went to the kitchen, fetched a bowl of water, rinsed her face and then did her chores, else her father would start complaining ” Is this how you’ll start sleeping when you get to school, you know the white man wakes up early” and bla. As about 8:10 am the bus which leaves for Lagos would be zooming off. Doyin parent advised her to be of good behavior, the noise from outside wasn’t helping matters at all as villagers arrayed themselves in the aso-ebi distributed at the butcher’s naming ceremony, rendering praises and prayers for the expected UK student. Doyin and her family came out with her mother feeling so proud, her dance steps tells it all. She laughed, danced and was even mandatory for her to speak in English as ordered by one of the chief, but at the sight of her friends she cried, waving at them, she entered into the vehicle plumping sideways such that she doesn’t hurt her ponytail with the edge of the rear glass. She sat comfortably as she was forced to sit in front, tightened her seat belt. On getting to the outskirts of her village she started seeing stars as if the world was going end………………….. I’ll you guys on the latter part of the story, this would be done twice in a week of which this is the last episode of this week. And you can follow me on Instagram: oshinowo_toluwani. Facebook: socialtarffia. Twitter: @socialtarffia. Photo credit: the_doyin on Instagram, Adedoyin Fagboun. PS: we’ll bring your current update as well as hilarious post from across the World. Tolu cares

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